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  • Welcome to Gunnedah Speedway
  • Sir Walter Racing Towers Transport
  • 08 Renshaw
  • 95 Hamilton
  • Sir Walter Racing Towers Transport
  • Sprintcar Racing
  • Street St0cks
  • 32 Sprintcar
  • Towers Transport
  • Brett Smith at Gunnedah
  • Sir Walter Racing Towers Transport
  • 95 Hamilton
  • Alan Baker at Gunnedah
  • 95 Hamilton


Last race for season 2013-14 run and won.

See you in October.

Race report 5th April 2014
What a great nights racing
Well done all on a very slick and challenging track.

Greta Smith Memorial
1st Andrew Fuller
2nd Brett Cotton
3rd Glen Mitchell

Greta would be smiling at the fantastic support for this event
Thank you

Modlites NSW Title

1st Terry Leerentveld
2nd Luke Whitehall
3rd Dylan Menz

Well done great racing


1st Wayne Dick
2nd Dion Bennett
3rd Brian Trevithic

Well done


1st Curtis Mongomery
2nd Jeremy Keynes
3rd Michael Brown

Future of speedway

Fast Fours

1st Aaron Knox
2nd Aj Caban
3rd James Rodd

Nice roll Justin
Fast fours by name .... Fast on the track


1st Scott Riley
2nd Rojer Morton
Great division ... Needs numbers

Special Thank you to Herbie and Max for the fantastic track and grounds

Thank you to all the crew involved in making this work
Without you guys it would not happen

Thank you to all our Sponsors
It was very trying year due to weather condition without your
support we would not have made it.

To all the competitors who supported us thru the season a big thank you
We know there is only 3 trophies each race but without
competition there would be no Race.



TowersTransport BCAutoPro BC

SirWalter BC

IvanWilliamson BC

GT-Motorcycles BC

Regal BC

Lawrences BC


WB-Meats BC

Overlander BC

RedChief BC

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